Saturday, April 27, 2013

Signs Indicate Heart Disease

There are many warning signs that can indicate heart disease. This information will give you some of the most common things associated with heart disease that you can look for whenever assessing your situation.

Chest pains - A lot of people brush off chest pain as heart burn. Should you experience it frequently, it's best that you get your vitals checked out as it can be a sign of much bigger problems. Chest pain is felt in the form of a pulling or compressing sensation around the upper body area. In some uncommon cases, a patient might also feel the pain within other parts of the physique like shoulder or even back.

Palpitations of the heart - This is where a person has an unusual sensation where they are really conscious about their heartbeat. They might feel an irregular beat exactly where one beat is actually weak while one is strong. If you ever experience this particular, get yourself immediately identified by a doctor as it is a very common sign of heart disease.

Feeling lightheaded or light headed - Though there are many reasons why someone might feel lightheaded, one would need to be to get themselves analyzed if they feel dizzy very frequently. Even if it is not caused by potential cardiovascular disease, your doctor will be able to discover other problems that are causing your dizziness.

Passing out - Almost every 1 faints at least once in their life. In certain very rare cases, the fainting episode will lead to a heart disease diagnosis and it always better to get examined if you have fainted or lost awareness for no apparent reason like tiredness or lack of fluids.

Laziness or tiredness - If you feel really tired even after a great night's sleep, you're definitely at risk of cardiac arrest as fatigue is a very common symptom of a heart disease that might be lurking to provide you with much bigger problems in the future.

Shortness of breath - When the smallest of physical activities result in shortness of breath, it is a sure shot warning bell with regard to potential heart disease which you may have. Some people experience difficulty breathing when they lie on their own back. This is also a strong warning sign.

One should keep in mind that a heart attack can easily result in a fatality. It is the number 1 killer in America, in the end. Don't take any manifestation of symptoms lightly. It may be your last behave.

What is Symptoms and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is a symptom in which the cells of the body start multiplying by themselves. Although mobile multiplication is essential for human body, but cells effected by cancer multiply in an uncontrollable style forming lumps as well as tumors. These growths then impact the nervous, respiratory as well as circulatory system and alter body functions. These tumors are also formed in the human heart and are categorized because primary or secondary tumors. Primary growths are localized to a certain area whereas secondary tumors may spread the cancer to the other parts of the body. The secondary tumors are more typical in case of heart most cancers.


Some of the common symptoms at initial stages are given below. These types of symptoms are more or less the same as the symptoms of other heart diseases.

  • Heart rate greater than One hundred beats per minute, medically known as Tachycardia
  • Hearing of additional heart sounds apart from the regular two beats also known as heart murmur.
  • Inflation of muscular walls from the heart, resulting in an increase in the size of the heart. Also referred to as Cardiomegaly.
  • Continuous chest pain that is caused when the coronary heart is not receiving adequate amounts of blood and oxygen, clinically known as Angina.
  • Difficulty within breathing also known as dyspnea.
  • Sense of fainting and fever combined with loss of appetite.
  • Swelling of the tissue underneath the fingernails also known as hand clubbing.
  • Loss of muscle and weight, also referred to as Cachexia.

Medical researchers are not pretty sure about the causes of heart cancer and other cardiovascular disease, yet they have recognized the soft cells cells within the coronary heart known as lymphomas are responsible for developing cancerous cells inside the heart. Also, certain chemotherapy drugs such as anthracyclines and taxanes etc. can also cause damage to the heart. Cigarettes use also increases the chances of heart cancer. If someone in your loved ones had a heart cancer, then you are at an increased risk associated with developing it.


Heart cancer is often curable by taking proper medicine and through regular check-ups. Therapeutic care measures have proved to be effective in manipulating the symptoms to a great extent. The treatment depends upon the tumor which has caused the cancer. In case of main tumor treatment, coronary heart surgery can be an option whereas for supplementary tumor treatment, effective diagnosis along with related treatment is required. Your physician would be the best person to advice on this as treatment may differ from person to person.

Earlier cancer was considered to be the fatal disease, but today thanks to the advent of various drugs, most of the cancers can be cured or included to a certain extent. Although, it is a rare form of cancer, ignorance about it can complicate the problem if not diagnosed at initial stages. The best way to be aware of your own heart's health is to get examined on a regular basis.

Heart Cancer Survival Rate

Heart cancer survival rate which is also known as heart sarcoma, is a very rare type of cancer. The cancerous cells develop mainly in the heart and may spread to other vital organs in the later period. The heart cancer is actually separated into primary tumours of the heart or supplementary tumours of the heart. The condition is highly curable but need urgent prognosis on detection associated with a limps or other abnormalities in the heart or close by areas.

According to the heart cancer survival rate statistics, there are 14,000 people are diagnosed with this particular cancer in every year. The main cause of the occurrence of this particular cancer is possibly alteration of blood tissue or uncontroallable cell growth due to which the level of impurity in the blood cells increase. This will cause further impacts the heart as it is unable to pump purified blood into the body.

Because the tumour will completely damage the defense mechanisms and the brain, thus the survival rate for those who suffer with the heart cancer is extremely low. It will become very difficult to cure as the tumours tend to develop at a fast rate.

Heart cancer can be divided into many stages. Hence there are also different survival rate according to different stages. The rate of survival differ according to the harshness of the tumour. Apart from, when determining heart cancer suvival rate, the earlier the dianosis from the tumour, the more the chances of recurrence. I y the heart cancer reccurence, the rate of survival will be diminished.

Based on the medical research, the rate of survival for heart cancer is nearly Eight.3% in the early stages follow by 3% in the moderate stages and 0.9% in the advanced phases. When reaches the 3rd and the fourth stage, the survival is extremely low as the tumour has already damaged the surrounding areas and other parts of the body.

If it is detected before the tumour reaches the spinal cord and the brain then heart cancer survival rate is about 11% to 14%. However, the chances of success for this tumour drop dramatically and the rate of survival may be zero once the other parts of the physique including the brain and the spinal cord are affected.